J.D Staron Testimonial

I have been in the designer floor covering business for over 40 years. Throughout these many years I have sold every type of floor covering imaginable (Oriental Rugs, Wool Wilton Carpets, Nylon Carpets, Hand Knotted and Hand Tufted Silks.)

One of the first questions asked by the sophisticated designer is “ How will these carpets clean “. My answer “ I recommend that if something occurs a professional cleaner who understands the characteristics of all the fibers used today should be called. The majority of designers and their clients don’t fully realize the importance of dealing with a knowledgeable cleaner. For over three decades it’s been my pleasure to recommend Niagara Carpet & Cleaning Systems. Their knowledge in dealing with the finest carpets and rugs is truly outstanding.

Paul Tomack

J.D Staron LA
8687 Melrose Avenue
Suite B-538
Los Angeles, CA 90069

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Our courteous and efficient technicians are trained and nationally certified in all dirt, sport, and stain removal techniques in treatment of all natural and synthetic carpets.